Things To Consider When Downsizing To A Smaller Home

Whether your kids have moved out or you simply want a lower mortgage payment, downsizing your home has a lot of benefits. You’ll save on utilities, have less to clean, and less to maintain as well. Before you get ready to move to a smaller home, consider these important points that will make the transition smooth.

Is Storage An Issue?

When you have been living in a larger home, you may not realize just how much stuff you really have. Moving to a smaller place can make it clear in a hurry, because it simply won’t all fit.

While you can give away some things or hold a garage sale, there are always things you simply can’t part with. They may be of sentimental value or things you really need for the future. Consider what sort of storage the new place has. If you can’t fit everything, you might need to look into renting an off-site storage unit for the things you don’t need frequently.

Will The Furniture Fit?

Large furniture does well in large spaces, but may make a smaller room appear cramped and tight. Before you move, a change to smaller furniture might be in order.

Take a measuring tape and get measurements of both the furniture you currently have as well as the rooms in your new home. If things won’t fit well, it might be a good idea to consider going for smaller furniture pieces that will make the new home appear more spacious than it is, and make things less cluttered as well.

Small Space Solutions

Smaller homes require different ways of using the space you have. If you don’t have room for a full guest room anymore, combine a guest room and an office by using a futon or fold-out sofa rather than a bed. If you don’t have an extra room at all, pick up a high-end air bed that can be tucked in a closet when not in use and brought out when you have guests.

Organization is key in smaller homes as well. There are a wide variety of storage options that will allow you to fit more into that smaller home and still stay organized. Look for closet and cupboard shelves and organizers to maximize your storage space.

A smaller home can save you money and cleaning time, but does require some adjustments. Prepare for downsizing ahead of time and the move will be smooth and simple.

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