Transaction Services - The Home Buyer Rebate

We Help You Getting Your Dreams Home & Save

Is Transaction Service Right For You?

  • You are a savvy buyer

  • You understand the home buying process

  • You want to save thousands of dollars to put that extra money toward your closing cost and be able to compete in this seller's market

  • You are willing to do some extra work


You are comfortable with the home buying process, the transaction service may be the right choice for you! 

We help you to be more compatible in this seller’s market by rebating you the extra money to win your dream home!

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How This Works

1. Know Your Budget & Get Pre-Approval

  • Determine how much you can afford (Affordability Calculator)

  • Get pre-approved with an accredited mortgage lender or broker of your choice. Shop Mortgage

  • We can connect you with the best local broker - close as little as two weeks. 

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2. Search For Your Dream Home

  • Find your dream home on the most populate real estate website

  • Research the ideal neighborhood

  • Research the best school

3. Hire - Your Transaction Service

  • Hire us to represent you as the buyer

  • Lock the flat fee rate today

  • Tour your dream homes

    • Open House (Free)

    • We will match you with our partner showing services to tour the homes at low cost (start at $30)

    • Can I have other real estate agents showing properties to me for free? NO (see FAQs)

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4. Work with Transaction Service Team

We are here to help you​ to make it happen

  • Make the offer(s)

  • Write all contracts and compliance documents

  • Coordinate with seller, inspectors, appraiser, lender, closing company 

  • Schedule inspections

  • Send important reminders

  • Send status updates

  • Order home warranty (if apply)

  • Schedule closings

5. Your Buyer's Rebate Towards Closing

  • We give you the buyer's rebate towards closing cost/down payment of your dream home!

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